Berkan Altun

Berkan Altun | Paralegal


  • Law Society of Ontario

Berkan Altun is a highly esteemed licensed paralegal in excellent standing with the Law Society of Ontario, renowned for his unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive legal assistance and access to justice for landlords in need. With a remarkable educational background and a wealth of practical experience, Berkan has emerged as a stalwart advocate for the rights of landlords across the province of Ontario.

Berkan’s academic journey began at the illustrious University of Toronto, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminology. His deep-rooted fascination with the intricacies of human behaviour and the legal system laid the foundation for his future endeavours in the field of law.
After completing his undergraduate studies, Berkan embarked on a dynamic path of professional development by enrolling in Humber College’s prestigious accelerated paralegal program. With an unyielding determination to excel, he undertook this program with the goal of obtaining his paralegal license. His relentless dedication, coupled with his profound understanding of legal intricacies, allowed him to not only achieve this goal but also thrive as a paralegal professional.

Berkan’s unique perspective and unwavering passion are deeply rooted in his personal experiences as a landlord and his familial ties to the same field. Coming from a lineage of landlords, he intimately understands the challenges and intricacies that landlords face in their legal pursuits. His genuine empathy for their situations has fuelled his unwavering commitment to securing justice on their behalf.

Throughout his career, Berkan has exhibited unparalleled dedication and effectiveness in advocating for landlords’ rights. He has successfully orchestrated numerous eviction cases, securing favourable outcomes for countless landlords across Ontario. His intricate knowledge of landlord-tenant law, coupled with his strategic prowess, has made him a sought-after professional in the legal community.

As a licensed paralegal and a fervent advocate for access to justice, Berkan Altun stands as a beacon of legal prowess and unwavering commitment. His academic achievements, practical expertise, and profound dedication to the cause make him an exceptional choice for anyone seeking comprehensive and compassionate legal representation in the realm of landlord-tenant law.

Berkan is fluent in English and Turkish.