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Residents of Ontario often turn to Stonegate legal services because of their talent, knowledge, and willingness to negotiate difficult situations with landlord and tenant matters.

Over 25 years of real estate experience

We started off as real estate brokers. While working with our landlords we were often going to court to represent them on landlord and tenant matters.

We are landlords like you

Just like the landlords we represent, we also own rental properties and deal with problematic tenants.

We have helped hundreds of landlords

Because of our extensive real estate experience and background, we are able to bring a unique perspective to dealing with your matter… probably because we have experience it ourselves as landlords.

We offer FREE Consultations

Our goal is to help landlords. We offer FREE consultation so we can evaluate your matter so you can proceed with confidence.

What we do…

Are you looking for the fastest way of evicting tenants without waiting months to get to court?

Learn how we have been able to help hundreds of landlords with their tenant problems.

Landord and Tenant Matters

Being a landlord isn’t an easy task. Dealing with tenants, the landlord and tenant board, and legal representatives makes landlords doubt their choice to invest in real estate. Here at Stonegate legal, we are here to help landlords navigate the world of rentals and tenancy. Instead of dealing with all this yourself, contact us today for a FREE consultation.