Anome Mehrabian

Anome Mehrabian | Paralegal


  • Law Society of Ontario – P19176

Anome Mehrabian is a distinguished licensed paralegal in excellent standing with the Law Society of Ontario, bringing a wealth of expertise in Landlord and Tenant law to her practice. Her journey from Armenia to Canada exemplifies her determination to pursue a career in law and make a significant impact in her chosen field.

Hailing from Armenia, Anome’s unwavering passion for the legal realm led her to the shores of Canada. Eager to transform her dream of studying law into a reality, Anome embarked on her academic journey at Seneca College. During her time at Seneca, she displayed remarkable dedication and commitment, which propelled her to the pinnacle of her class. In recognition of her outstanding academic achievements, Anome graduated with honors, marking the beginning of her professional journey.

Throughout her academic pursuits, Anome’s unique perspective as a landlord ignited a profound interest in Landlord and Tenant law. Her first-hand experiences coupled with her academic prowess created a powerful foundation for her specialization. This dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insight set her on a trajectory towards excellence in the realm of property and tenancy legal matters.

In 2022, Anome Mehrabian’s career reached new heights as she joined Stonegate Legal Services, a prominent legal firm renowned for its expertise in real estate law. As an advocate for numerous high-profile landlords across the province of Ontario, Anome’s strategic and compassionate approach to legal representation has garnered her a reputation as a dedicated advocate for her clients. Her remarkable ability to navigate the intricate landscape of Landlord and Tenant law has consistently yielded favorable outcomes, solidifying her status as a trusted legal professional.

Anome’s accomplishments as a licensed paralegal and her ongoing commitment to excellence reflect her unwavering dedication to her clients and the legal profession. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a proven track record of success, Anome Mehrabian continues to shape the future of Landlord and Tenant law in Ontario.

Anome is also fluent in English, Armenian, and Farsi.