Best Legal Practices In Owning & Operating Rental Properties.

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If You Own Or Want To Own Rental Properties You Will Inevitably Have To Deal With The LTB

(Landlord & Tenant Board)

Landlord and tenant relations and disputes can be a challenging and murky area of the law in the best of times, and shaky economic conditions only compound existing issues and tensions. Plan ahead to avoid problems before they start and arm yourself with the knowledge to own and operate the rental property.

We are ready to help you work through the practical and legal roadblocks you face every day in the world of investing in rental property.

You will benefit from this video if you are involved in any aspect of property rentals.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Starting a tenancy: The Ontario Standard Lease Form and The Importance of Leases
  • Ontario’s Rent Control System: Rent Increases and Rent Reductions and Illegal deposits
  • Rights and Obligations: Maintenance and Repairs, Entering the Rental Unit With and Without Notice, Damages to the Rental Unit and Whose Responsibility Is It?
  • The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA): Whom does it protect?
  • The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB): What happens at the board hearing? Mediation versus adjudication.
  • Eviction Forms: N1 (Notice of rent increase), N4 (Notice to terminate tenancy for non payment of rent), N12 (Notice to end a tenancy because the landlord, a purchaser or a family member requires the rental unit), N13 (Notice to end a tenancy because the landlord wants to demolish the rental unit). How and when to use them.
  • Much more…

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